About us

JSC ELTAKA is private company established in 1996. 

Since that date, 20 years every day company are growing and rapidly improving its printig posibilities.  We have gained a wealth of experience in producing paper bags with 8 color flexographic press and without it. Our new and modern equipment, together with our experience, allows us to achieve a very high quality of the products, various types of paper bag production. We work with the largest Lithuanian and foreign mill, supermarkets, bakeries, industrial centers and so on. 


Paper bags

  • We produce high quality paper bags rectangle (block) or Envelope bottom. 
  • According to your preference bags can be made with a variety of windows or without them. 
  • We offer bags for the hot foods packaged grill type bags melted bottom. 
  • Bag made from white or brown (brown ribbed Kraft) paper of different types or grammage. 
  • Each design is combined individually with you.


Paper cutting and rewinding

New modern equipment makes it easy to provide this service for you - cutting paper: Paper-cutting of the roll into smaller rolls; Paper roll rewinding of the rolls; Equipment can help divide the roll into smaller rolls tailored to the last user as well as changing the roll length and width and roll. .


With hot needles help we can- "knock out" micro-holes (perforated) films (PP, BOP). Perforation is necessary in order to bag the product would not get in not use status, that inside in the bag would not get of sticking to accumulate moisture.


Original packaging creates the first impression about your product buyers. We can offer high quality printing of packages or printed rolls for further use. We can print different designs in your package and for each of your products. Print up to eight colors - CMYK, Pantone colors. We use water-based paints, suitable for the production of food packaging.

Exports and development

To this end, we develop technologically innovative techniques are constantly improving equipment and improve the production process. Advanced technology allows a company to quickly adapt to meet the highest customer requirements and provide the consumer with the highest quality product. Our company most importantly - customer requirements, continually encouraging development. 

We work with the largest Lithuanian and foreign distributors, mills, supermarkets, bakeries, industrial centers and small orders individually. 

We export 80 percent. of our production to various parts of the world: Scandinavia, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the US, Canada, and other countries