Eltaka UAB, which has been creating its history since 1996, today is proud of being the leader in the production of paper packaging in Lithuania, consistently expanding the circle of its customers throughout Europe and beyond. We export as much as 85 per cent of manufactured products to different parts of the world, and our expertise and product quality are trusted by both local manufacturers and well-known names at the international level.



Production of paper bags

We use organic, high-quality paper in production, so all the paper bags in our range are environmentally friendly and suitable for contact with food products. We offer customers strong paper bags of different basic weights and types made of white or brown Kraft paper with flat handles, rectangular (block) or envelope bottom.

High-quality flexographic printing

We offer our customers paper bags and paper rolls with high-quality flexographic printing in up to 8 colours, ensuring colour accuracy and high-quality rendering. The paints used are water-based, and therefore safe and suitable for food packaging, and the possibilities of using colours depend on the type of paper bag chosen.

Paper roll and film cutting, rewinding, perforation

We can cut paper rolls or films for industrial use into narrower ones, changing their width and length. Also we offer films perforation services. Food products packed in bags with perforated film do not accumulate moisture, and the moulding process caused by excess moisture is avoided.