Paper cutting

New modern equipment makes it easy to provide such a service - cutting paper

  • Paper cut roll into smaller rolls; 
  • Rewinding the paper from the reel into the rolls; 

The new equipment can help to divide the roll into smaller rolls tailored to the end user as well as changing the roll length and width and roll.

The film cutting and / or perforation

We cut and perforate films. Hot needles can help - "knock out" micro-holes (perforated) films (PP, BOP). Perforated film used in the manufacture of bags, commonly used nebiriems packaged products. 

The paper bag with a perforated film insert recommended packaged perishable products such as bread, fish, cakes, etc. Perforation is necessary in order to bag the product would not get in not use condition and in the inside of the bag sticking to accumulate moisture.